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Restore It Yourself, Inc. offers the following links to other Web sites as a courtesy to our site visitors who want to learn as much as they can and get the most out of their investment in their outdoor cooking equipment. Here you will find a lot of good advice, ideas and resources. We have reviewed every site listed below and deemed them of quality and value, even though some of them are operating with the assumption that certain kinds of damage or wear on Stainless steel is not fixable - they aren't aware yet of the new technology we have brought to the market in Scratch-B-Gone or our other Restore It Yourself, Inc. products!


Practical Advice Web sites

The Care and Cleaning of Stainless Steel

A PDF manual by The Stainless Steel Information Center containing a section entitled, "The Care and Cleaning of Stainless Steel. This five-page handbook is a handy guide for both industrial and household stainless steel cleaning. Covers effective cleaning methods for routine cleaning, fingerprints and smears, stubborn stains and discoloration, grease, blood, burnt-on or baked-on foods, and grease and oil. - Cleaning Stainless Steel

By Derrick Riches, an overview of how to keep your shiny Stainless steel in great condition.

Manufacturer's Care and Maintenance Pages

Please note: some of these manufacturers have not yet updated their care and maintenance information to reflect the new maintenance ability you have with Scratch-B-Gone. If you come across statements that seem to assume or imply that scratches and other damage to your Stainless steel sink are inevitable and irreversable, and are part of the sink's character or finish over time, don't worry. This new solution, Scratch-B-Gone, now allows you to maintain your sink to keep it free from scratches, stains and even rust (if for some reason you don't follow the manufacturer's Care and Maintenance guidelines and you do damage your sink).


Sterling by Kohler
For best results, keep the following guidelines in mind when caring for your STERLING® product.

Stainless steel sink use and care.

Care and cleaning instructions.

Caring for Your Stainless Steel Sink

Care for your Stainless Steel Sink

Caring for your sink

  Scratch-B-Gone Stainless Steel Scratch Repair and Restoration

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